New DJ-gear: Pioneer CDJ-2000’s!

A few weeks ago it was my birthday. This year I wanted to buy myself new DJ-gear. As you know I already had two Pioneer CDJ-800MKII so the only option to get new and improved gear was to get myself the Pioneer CDJ-2000 multiplayer. Because they’re very expensive I have been thinking a lot about wether I should buy them or stay with the 800’s. After I worked fulltime the whole summer I decided to reward my hard work by buying the Pioneer CDJ-2000. Early september I ordered the first one and this week the second CDJ-2000 arrived so from now on my DJ set-up contains two Pioneer CDJ-2000 and a Pioneer DJM-800. I’m very proud of this equipment and happy that I can play with these amazing multi players. I made some pictures of my new set-up. You can check it out at My DJ Gear.